Botanicals are the soul of every gin.


We only use exclusive, hand-selected botanicals. Partly from regional agricultural cultivation.


Our recipes are strictly guarded secrets. Only our Master Distiller knows the exact composition.


The carefully selected botanicals give our gin its unique character and make it so exceptional.  






In dried form rather sweetish aroma, heated up it gets its typical bitterish taste.

Is the main botanical in gin and must be contained. 

In Dutch it gave the first "gin" its name - Genever.

Derived from the Old German "Wechalter" it means something like "fresh making wood".

Juniper has a long tradition as a remedy for stomach, lung, liver and kidney ailments, as well as its use in the kitchen.


Lemon & Orange 

Freshness, fruitiness and elegance.

Scientifically proven to make people happy, positive and generous.



Pink Berry 

They have a full-bodied, sweet taste without spiciness. 

Reminiscent of juniper, cedar and lemon peel. 

Already used in the past as a medicine and for alcohol refinement. 


Red and white currants 


Sweet fruitiness and a vibrant acidity.

They started the breeding in the 15th century in monastery gardens.





Gives a spicy, fresh taste with a distinct heat. 

A miracle root passed on from generation to generation 

Successfully used for thousands of years to treat all kinds of diseases. 

Thai Basil 


Herbal, aromatic taste of aniseed and liquorice. 


The origin is assumed to be in India, but it is mainly used in Thai cuisine. 

Also used against stomach problems.


Great Carrot 


They have a higher vitamin content, stronger taste and more sweetness. 


The wild variety of the carrot was used for cooking already in the stone age.

Originally, our carrots were once purple, black and yellow, until a Dutch king wanted the vegetable in his national color.





Gives the essential pep to the gin. 

The small sharp pepper stimulates all senses, gets the body going and even has an analgesic effect.


Fine tart aroma with a distinct floral note. 

An important medicinal plant with calming and relaxing effects 

Also often used in the kitchen and for cosmetics. 

Harvested early in the morning, the fragrance content is highest. 



Aromatic, hot and peppery taste. 

A spice that is easy to cultivate and has the same rich aroma when dried.


One of the oldest apple varieties in the world.

Characterised by its sour taste with fruity sweetness.