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'Unity is strength. When there is Teamwork and Collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.'




ÜberQuell stands for honest, handmade beers. Hamburg harbour and St. Pauli are home to the brewery.

The ÜberQuell IPA Rye Gin catapults you into completely new spheres. Spicy aromas of clove and vanilla from the World White IPA combine with flavours of rye, fruity mango and a fresh floral finish of citrus and lavender.

Together with our Friends all around we develop new unique Gin with remarkable flavours.
All Collaboration Gin is distilled and bottled by Monk Distillery.

Kia Ora

"Kia Ora" is a warm and welcoming greeting common throughout New Zealand, originally from the Māori language, Te Reo. When you say Kia Ora to someone, you wish them the essence of life.
Inspired by his New Zealand roots, we developed this special gin together with a good friend, all botanicals are from his home country.
Kia Ora translates as "liveliness",
we awaken this in the bottle with earthy sweet potato, fruity guava and kiwi, perfectly balanced with tangy apple and fresh orange.


"Sweet as bro!"



"Strong taste with a warm nature" is how traditional Chinese medicine describes the shiso herb.
This is how traditional Chinese medicine describes the shiso herb, and no better words could be found for this gin. The main role in this gin is played by the versatile "shiso", a medicinal and seasoning herb from Asia, where it is mainly used in Japan and China.


For the last 15 years, the wild herb has also been used in the European kitchen and bar scene. Its exotic flavour adds that certain something, with a complex aroma reminiscent of mint, lemon, coriander, aniseed, cinnamon and basil.

Mount Tagetes

From the canyons of northern Mexico to Berlin.

Thanks to chef Marco Müller from Berlin's Restaurant Rutz, Freshtasia cultivates this wonderfully lemony-minty herb in their greenhouses.
The lemon tasgetes are very special in many ways, and give the gin a fresh and unusual note.

Spicy juniper, sweet raspberries and slightly tart currants round off the aromatic complexity perfectly.


Stollen 1852

With the Stollen Gin, we have created a special beer gin based on rye together with the Mariensteiner Brauhaus.

The spicy rye harmonises with the dark beer and hand-picked juniper berries.
After maceration and gentle distillation, the gin is stored for 3 months and develops its round, harmonious aroma.

A spicy-malty gin that is perfect to enjoy neat or with tonic water.

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