Classic dry gin, newly interpreted.

Traditionally handcrafted. Batch distilled.

For our Dry Rye Gin we have decided to use a complex distillation process. 


Thus we distil in the copper still at a very low pressure. The distillate is carefully brought to temperature and gently cooled down.

This guarantees a very high quality and the dissolving of the fragile, complex aromas of the botanicals.


The early separation of pre and post flow is also an essential production step for us. Thus we use only the absolute Heart of Run.





The marriage of the botanicals with our rye spirit is not only the first but also one of the most important steps. 

Here the aromas are perfectly balanced and the macerate is allowed to steep for a precisely defined time.


We are convinced that a good gin must mature.

During the maturing process, the distillate undergoes an oxidation process which makes the distillate soft, harmonious and round.

Thus the essential oils of the botanicals have time to unfold their harmonious complexity.

Our gin is allowed to mature for three months in stoneware vessels.


The macerate is distilled at a very low pressure.

The perfect balance between temperature and gentle cooling is the fine art of distillation.

Each batch is a true Master Distillers Cut.

Water wedding.

Our gin is completed with pure spring water from the Bavarian Alps, the Aqua Fontana.

The subtle aromas of the distillate enter into a deep bond with the water. 

For us not only a quality indicator, much more a philosophy.

Post Maturation.

After the water wedding the gin is allowed to mature for another two weeks. This calms and balances our Dry Rye Gin perfectly before it is bottled.